Intentional Preparation For Fall

For those of us who love to plan, being intentional is familiar and comfortable, which gives us a sense of purpose for “WHY” we do what we do. We’re planning and strategizing to experience a good outcome.

For those of us who prefer not to plan, being intentional may feel too boxed in or calculated. Our “WHY” we do what we do may be realized in the moment or when we are being spontaneous. We want a good outcome and tend to believe our good outcome will be realized as we participate to make the good outcome happen.

At TC&A, we understand both mindsets. And, we tend to believe there is no right or wrong in the approach for good outcomes. That said - we tend to prefer being more intentional with the ability to be spontaneous when the situation calls for it.  

As we embrace FALL, our mindset appreciates our preparation mode and supports our desires for good outcomes. 

We tend to lay the groundwork and anticipate for our good outcomes 

  • We are ready and look forward to leading an exercise and speaking at Riveter! (Stay Tuned for THREE MORE future events at this location!

We find research important for us to continue to do what is important to us. 

  • Riveter is a great co-working space with many amenities to help businesses network, grow and develop.

Our preparation tends to support our ability to train others for the outcomes they desire, as well.

  • Speaking and leading professionals through The 5 C’s of Leadership Story exercise will build leadership self-awareness and self-management, which will impact the way they train and support their teams.

KEY WORDS to remember for intentional preparation:

  • Ground Work

  • Research

  • Train

Each one of these words leads us to intentionally SLOW DOWN or TAKE A STEP BACK, in order to prepare for a good outcome. As you well know…we always want GOOD OUTCOMES for you.

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