Creativity - Embracing Change

A Time to Embrace Healthy Change

I am curious – What is your comfort level for change?

On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 being low and 5 being high), what score would you give yourself when it comes to being willing to change?

You may say, “Tess I want to improve and do things better and more efficiently.” And, my question to you is, “What is your comfort level for change?”

Until you are REALLY ready for change – the old way of doing things is a strong force to keep doing what you are doing, whether it is working for you or not.

Think about this: 
What change would support you to increase your productivity or improve your performance at work? 

Along with: 
What change would support you to do things better and more efficiently? 
Write your one change here: _______________________________________________________________

Every day you have a personal choice and two options, as you continue on your Leadership path – What path will you choose?

“I’ve always done it this way around here …”


What can I do to improve the way I do things around here…”

Change is one small choice away every single day.
Here are 4 helpful reminders when developing the change that is important to you:

  1. Suspend Judgment – Don’t choose the negative about change, before giving the change a try.

  2. Give Yourself Permission To Fail – There are times we need to fail, before we can find the path to healthy and good change.

  3. If You Fail, Get Back Up And Keep Going – Always have a plan b, c, and d to excel with change.

  4. Ask Others For Help – Support from others can make all of the difference when embracing change. The advice from others is invaluable.

At TC&A we are here to support you towards healthy choices for the change that is most important to you. From our own story of being willing to change and do things differently, we know how important it is to stay open, don’t judge ourselves too quickly, give ourselves permission to try, fail and try, again and to seek the help from those who can support us – We embrace healthy change and always want to be better and do better. 

We’re always here for you. Is there change in your future? We’re here to support you and your change. We know it is worth it and you can do it.