Dear August...

You have my attention - I am looking forward to experiencing something new with you. TC&A is birthing a new kind of Leadership Seminar: The “Inspirational Leadership Seminar”. I anticipate good things to come with those who gather to learn, grow and develop their leadership.

Please feel free to take the lead and guide me to a new understanding of what life, work, relationships and love are meant to look like and be … July brought quite a few challenges and complexities. I am open to this period of time of exploring new relationships and opportunities within your designed position within the calendar year.

I do listen to my inner being and external outcomes and yet, I am ready to broaden and deepen my listening, in order to pay full attention to what I truly value, what I am deeply committed to, what my intentions are and what needs to be my focus. I desire healthy change. I know the reality well - the strategy to healthy change begins with me and my leadership.

May I be ready to listen and connect to the relationships that are meaningful and important to me. May I join with others and influence for good. May I make a conscious effort to act and seize the opportunities that are meant to be – those opportunities that are for TC&A and me. The opportunities that will provide not only good, but the best of outcomes.  

I know there is more for me to expand in my personal and professional Leadership. May I embrace you, August with a sense of gratitude and be willing to prepare for the things to come – the things in life, work, relationships and love that are most significant for moving forward and creating something meaningful and worthwhile. 

Lastly, timing is everything. So…I commit to put my trust in your timing, August. You have a way of following through and leading me into a new month - September.