Listening & Connecting

We trust you were able to embrace the time summer affords to rest, recharge and reflect.

As we enter into the fall months, our intent in sending you our TC&A Leadership newsletter is to stay connected to you and how you choose to lead yourself well. 

Our coaching, consulting and training exists as a support to you in your leadership role. We understand: our current clients, those who attend our seminars and retreats, our family, friends and past clients – We all seek to “Lead ourselves …first with our best intent.” We all have days where this phrase is easier said than done.

Listening and Connecting is important to us. As you embrace September and the beginning of a new season, we are wondering what the summer may have revealed or made known to you? Our minds may tell us that success is to: keep going, give everything, work until we’re exhausted, seize every opportunity, and keep chasing success.

The Coach in us is mindful of the tension you hold for your career success and your inner peace. We encourage you to reflect on the following questions:

  • Was there a consistent new thought or message the summer months brought to your mind (something that you may have not thought of before)?

  • Did you experience something meaningful that you did not expect from your own personal growth (something that may have surprised you)?

  • Maybe, you realize – there is something in your life that has come to a peak or has reached its maximum value in your life. What might that be?

  • And, it is possible you became aware of something that is no longer working for you and needs to change – entropy is the silent disorder and lack of efficiency. It is hard to detect until we’re down the road and realize…nothing positive is working.

At TC&A, we find the Sigmoid Curve to be very helpful tool and resource as we navigate our business in Coaching, Consulting and Training. We often ask ourselves:

  • What new material, exercises, seminars, retreats, need to be birthed for our clients?

  • What do we need to grow and develop for our clients, so that they continue to cultivate their leadership and bring success to their role and responsibilities?

  • What may have peaked or reached its full potential? And, what do we need to change?

  • What part of our coaching, consulting and training has moved into being less effective and may need to have new life brought into it? Or, do we need to create something new?

The Sigmoid Curve represents the philosophy of “doing more than you think is possible” and “raising the bar”. Being incredible and making something larger or greater. The Sigmoid Curve supports a growth mindset and focus, which creates a momentum that provides new levels of energy and success. Also, it creates an ability to see reality from different vantage points without relying on past success. The process is supportive of you being a reflective leader all year through…

Sig Curve.jpg

“For years I (Tess) lived my life with this mindset: ‘As long as I had 24 hours in a day, I needed to fill it to its maximum potential.’ This mindset worked for a time, until one day…my choices and my decisions impacted my personal and professional life. I had reached entropy (on the Sigmoid Curve) without realizing it and the consequences were a complete burnout. From that point on, I grew personally in building my self-awareness and self-esteem. I established self-management and new ways of doing things. I found a renewed growth mindset and I was willing to learn. My focus set on my strengths, rather than trying to be everything to everyone and be involved in too many things that had no real connectivity. My life changed forever and ultimately led me to my profession of being an Executive Leadership Coach and the facets that support coaching.”

It is a pleasure to be a part of your leadership journey and we, as a TC&A TEAM are always here to support you, your dreams and your success in the greatest and healthiest way.

We would love to hear how you are using the Sigmoid Curve. Please feel free to send us an email.

With Gratitude,

Tess & TC&A TEAM