Energy is Powerful

Energy is Powerful.

My energy – Your energy - We lead with energy every minute of the day.

Ultimately, our energy fuels us when we lead ourselves with a positive and meaningful mindset.

Our energy helps us to focus on aligning our mind with the things that are most important to us.

Our energy gives us the ability to process information and make good decisions.

Our energy uses our skill sets to accomplish tasks, work on projects and get things done.

Our energy values prioritizing what is most important and flourishes when we organize our lives and work.

Our energy desires to stay engaged in healthy relationships.

Our energy thrives when we are creating a meaningful life and creating meaning within our work.

What Does Creating Meaning in Your Life and Work Mean?
The Webster Dictionary tells us:
Creating: (verb) - Give rise to something
Meaning: (noun) - Inner importance
Life: (noun) - Vitality

As I reflect on my personal and professional leadership this past month in Creating Meaning in My Life and Work – It all requires mindful, healthy, intentional and focused energy. The energy within and around me gives rise to the areas that are most important and vital to my life and work. My energy has been – positively powerful.

I’ve experienced energy from my clients who have been open to learning, thinking in new ways and doing things differently – TRULY AMAZING.

The energy well known within my personal relationships, with my spouse, adult children, family and friends – DEEPLY VALUABLE.

The energy in nature, the ocean (my go to place), in my garden, taking walks around a man made lake with my puppy and enjoying incredible views – LIFE GIVING.

There was energy, as I celebrated the success of others, as they reached for their dreams in life and work – AWESOME.

The energy in my own coaching journey, as I continue new learning, being awakened and being led by an exceptional coach – ABOVE AND BEYOND GRATEFUL.

The energy within our team at TC&A and the plans we have for our growth and development in Coaching, Consulting, Training, Speaking and Writing - REAL JOY.

The energy around The Leadership Blueprint as it is transforming the lives of those who are willing to be coached and create a blueprint for their life and work - NEW LIFE ON ALL LEVELS.

And yes, even the energy of the 100 + degree heat, challenging and yet, brings me a spirit of gratefulness for the cool mornings and the reprieve of air conditioning – THANKFUL.

May you be open and allow for your good, positive, transforming, life giving energy to lead you well.

Embrace new energy as you prepare for the best things to come.

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