I Have A Choice Everyday.

I Have A Choice Everyday

“Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day;
while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.”
- Jim Rohn

Every day, I have a choice. I have a choice as to how I am going to lead myself, first. When I consider hundreds of choices, every day – I use the 5 C’s of Leadership: character, competence, consistency, creativity, and confidence.

Every choice I make is put through a grid of my Character - The foundation of being honest and trustworthy. Every day, I choose to lead myself with my Competency. As an Executive Coach, I listen, create a safe place for a dialogue and help my clients solve problems that are important to them. An area where I am constantly working on is my Consistency. I choose to be reliable, act when I see an opportunity and keep my commitments. As I continue to grow and develop in my leadership, I choose to be Creative - a resourceful leader, curious about my clients and willing to keep an open mind for change. All of my daily choices guide me to be a Confident leader who believes in my ability to lead my clients as I value who they are, generous with my time and build strong relationships. In The Leadership Blueprint – Becoming the Architect of Your Life and Work, we are aligned with the teachings of business philosopher and entrepreneur, Jim Rohn:

“Everything affects everything else.
There are some things that matter more than others,
but there isn’t anything that doesn’t matter.”