Leading With My Best Intent

Leading With My Best Intent

“We are most likely to succeed when we are unwavering with our focus and attention on what is most meaningful and purposeful.”

Are there times opinions are varied…?

Are there times emotions are strong…?

Are the risks really high…?

The answer may be “YES” to all three.

At TC&A, we seek to lead our lives and work with our best intent every day.

One of the ways we lead with our best intent is to discover an aligned paradigm with those we are coaching and in dialogue. Alignment gives us the opportunity to speak to what is most important.

Once we have an aligned paradigm of what is most important – We can begin the dialogue to solve the particular issue or problem. The best solutions are realized when the problem is viewed like a puzzle. Within the dialogue there are two problem solver personalities. Those who can see the BIG picture, provide the framework of solutions to the problem. Those who can see details, data and facts are able to provide the inner shaping for solutions to the problem. Both ways are essential in solving the problem with a focus on what is most important.

Next, we move to skill sets. Would you agree, we need many different types of skills sets to solve a particular issue or problem? One of the key skill sets we use is - Listening. When we listen and gather information from others, we tend to have a better grasp of what is needed to solve the problem. We say, “Dare to listen…” is one of the best skills sets.

With listening and gathering information, we will need to organize our methods or systems in solving a problem. It’s a good question to ask, “What do we need to organize…?” before jumping in to solve the problem with your competencies.

Last, which is one of the most important components in leading with our best intent - is to stay engaged with those we are living and working with to solve issues and problems. To experience the highest standard of leadership is to be determined to stay engaged.

We are here to support you, align with you and experience the highest level of deliverables on your behalf, as you LEAD WITH YOUR BEST INTENT.