Simply Gratitude

Simply Gratitude

As we enter the month of November, the month itself moves us to reflect on Gratitude. Before we know it, we will be saying, “Good-bye” to 2018 and entering into a New 2019 Year. At this time, it seems appropriate to reflect with a grateful heart and mind.

Years ago, I needed to break my habit of being negative or critical. I didn’t even realize that I gravitated to the negative and critical in my communication until someone said to me,

“Do you know that you start your conversations with a “no” qualifier?

He proceeded to give me examples of my negative communication, which started in my mind and proceeded with my words,

“No, but I can see your point.”

“No, but I agree with your statement.”

“No, this just isn’t going to work.”

I didn't KNOW I started my conversations with the word, “NO.”

My “No, No” responses were not how I wanted to present myself in the way I communicated with others. Once my negative responses were brought to my attention, I began to build more self-awareness in how I used my words. I replaced my old words: “No, But, However, Can’t, etc…”

to more positive words and phrases like:

“Will you consider…?”

“I hear what you are saying and I would like to add…”

“I agree we have a problem, let’s talk about what will work best for us…” “Here is something to think about…”

“Let’s pause for a minute and consider our options…”.

Am I using more words? Yes. And, I will add, I tend to have a high word quotient with any of my approaches! That said - using more clarity words with positive undertones gives me far better results, than my previous behavior.

Would you agree, we all want better results when making decisions, working with a team, working on our own projects and moving our lives and work forward with positive, healthy and grateful communication?

In coaching our clients, we coach the following:

“Everything begins with the way we think. When we think more positively, we communicate in a grateful way, as well.”

 At TC&A and THE LEADERSHIP BLUEPRINT – We are simply grateful for you!