At Tess Cox & Associates, we are dedicated to you and your transformational change. We focus on cultivating and building your confidence, developing your ability to remain consistent and creatively form strong relationships. Your remarkable outcomes are experienced in your life and work as you lead with the highest level of character and competence.




Everything Changes When We Change

A positive learning and growing experience.  Our Coaching guides you through a process of reflection with tools and resources to focus on what is significant and to cultivate what is meaningful in your life and work.


Everyone Aligns When We Agree
A resourceful and motivational experience. Our 
consulting leads our clients through a process of consideration with tools and resources to focus on what is substantial to the team and to cultivate the vital deliverables for business.


Every Team Needs and Wants a Vision
A developmental and strategic experience.  Our
training provides our clients an essential process for envisioning, planning and strategizing for best of outcomes.


Who We Are


We are coaches who lead ourselves with integrity both in our personal and professional lives.

We are positive in our approach with clients, “Always wanting the best for our clients.”

We are intelligent as we use our skill sets to coach, consult, and train to meet our client’s needs.

We are appropriately transparent in our dialogue as we coach our clients.

We are trustworthy and keep our word.

We are thoughtful about what you need from us, as a coach and honest with our constructive feedback.

We are generous with our listening and time as we deeply care about what is best for our clients.


How We Coach


We are coaching leaders who inspire our client’s with their extraordinary qualities to lead themselves well.

We coach our client’s to build a new level of understanding about themselves, their skills, and their talents, which influences real breakthroughs and sustainable change.

We coach with a firm grasp on reality for our clients to support their movement forward in their mission and purpose.

We have knowledge and skills that help our clients to discover the solutions to problems, challenges, and conflict.

We encourage vision to see problems and issues from different vantage points or opportunities to a better future.

We coach strategy to make incremental change, achieve results, and experience new goals.