Leading With Confidence

Do you have the ability to be SURE in your own LEADERSHIP?

Do you have BELIEF in your own LEADERSHIP abilities?

Do you BUILD trusting relationships with your LEADERSHIP style?

At TC&A, reflecting on our own leadership development is healthy for us to build our CONFIDENCE. As a TEAM, we know EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT Leadership will support our building CONFIDENCE, in order to lead ourselves well.

When we are intentionally focused and aware of our own emotional intelligence,
we have good outcomes in:

  • our communication

  • managing change 

  • decision-making 

  • and finding solutions to challenges

Here are a few thoughts to consider for building CONFIDENCE in your leadership with EQ (emotional intelligence) for good and healthy outcomes:

Personal / Professional Self-Awareness 

Staying connected to the reality of the present moment

Personal / Professional Self-Management

Staying life-centered and engaged with your responses

Personal / Professional Social Management

Staying mindful of the surrounding culture and what others need

Personal / Professional Relationship Management

Staying supportive in your role and responsibility towards others

“Lead your Life and the Work you do with CONFIDENCE – 

Stay true to the core of who you are.” – Tess Cox 2019

Creativity - Embracing Change

Creativity - Embracing Change

I am curious – What is your comfort level for change?

On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 being low and 5 being high), what score would you give yourself when it comes to being willing to change?

Until you are REALLY ready for change – the old way of doing things is a strong force to keep doing what you are doing, whether it is working for you or not.

Building Competency

Building Competency

There are times we need the influence of others to understand how we want to build our own competencies in leading ourselves well. When people experience “getting to where they want to go…” by building strong, trusting, and healthy relationships – it is worthy of our attention.

Where Is Your Competency Leading You?

Where Is Your Competency Leading You?

Typically, when we think of our competencies, we think of things that we are good at within our roles and responsibilities at work.

With our best Intention, Positive approach and best Choices – These three amazing Competencies will lead us to where we want to go. Better yet, they will lead us to building strong, trusting, and healthy relationship with others.