Leading The Celebration

At TC&A, we thoroughly enjoy a good CELEBRATION!

In fact, we look for reasons to CELEBRATE! (It’s true)

We have found…

Leading ourselves well, leads us to CELEBRATE.

  • There is always a reason to show happiness about something.

  • There are special occasions to celebrate, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, birth of a new baby, milestones in work, religious celebrations or just a beautiful experience.

  • There are ways we enjoy fun with others in our community, as a family, with friends, or individually. We love to have a good time.

  • There are times we rejoice in the goodness of grace, mercy, and healing upon our lives. And we celebrate the lives of those who have blessed us and moved on from their earthly presence into eternity.

  • There are times we simply enjoy being. We enjoy the presence of one another, the present and simple abundant moments of our home, our garden, our pets…

I think you get the idea that we love to CELEBRATE Life!

What we find interesting at TC&A is this:

Leading and coaching others, along with being a guide for others is a sacred role. We take our coaching roles and work responsibilities seriously. We are willing to take initiative, be in charge, and move ahead towards our dreams with goals and strategies, in order to influence the best of outcomes for all.  We LOVE to CELEBRATE LIFE and WORK on behalf of our clients and on behalf of the Coaching, Training and Consulting we do.

Leading ourselves…FIRST and Leading ourselves, WELL is being a Leader who is able to CELEBRATE.

May we all choose to LEAD by:

Celebrating your life and the life of others.

Celebrating your joy and the joys of others.

Celebrating your successes and the success of others.

Celebrating your work and the work of others.

Celebrating you and the fullness of being with others.

As we CELEBRATE our Country on July 4th and CELEBRATE the July summer month with vacations – May we take a moment and reflect on –